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Perfect quality without a single defective product.

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IMA Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing company that has developed special non-ferrous metal bolt/nut technology for the past 10 years.

IMA Co., Ltd., which is the only company in Korea that exports to Japan with reliable raw materials and the best technology, makes every effort to become the best bolt manufacturer in Korea.

With the best technology in Korea and experience in manufacturing special non-ferrous metal bolts and nuts, we received KS certification for the first time for special materials. All equipment and molds required to make bolts do not allow a defective product — not even a single defective bolt.

We are the first company in Korea that commercialized grade 2 screw wires and standardized high-end quality. We recommend that you compare the quality with other companies to see the difference.

IMA is the company with reliability , continuing with R&D, caring for environment.
For the future, IMA will make more development together with you.

Thank you.

A new beginning, a new challenge, IMA Co., Ltd.

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An enterprise
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An enterprise caring
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